3 & 4 November 2018 in Sierra Espuña (Murcia, Spain)


Yeti Trail is a mountain race event which takes place in the exceptional Sierra Espuña regional park, home to some of the highest peaks in the region. Already in its 9th year, Yeti Trail is a renowned race in the South East of Spain, with runners coming not only from all over Spain but also from overseas because of the mild month of November we usually enjoy, and even more so for the great aerial views you will find in the park. Murcia-San Javier and Alicante are the two nearest airports, and you will find plenty of direct low-cost lights from all over Europe to allow you to join us.


There are 4 possible trails you may choose from, all of them having a circular route with start and finish in Casas Nuevas, Mula (Murcia Region):

  • Magic Yeti : 64 km (Saturday) -> 4  ITRA points
  • Yeti Trail : 42 km (Saturday) -> 3  ITRA points
  • Mini Yeti : 24 km (Sunday) -> 1  ITRA point


For the most adventurous runners, we offer the Magic Challenge (Magic Yeti + Mini Yeti) and the Yeti Yeti Challenge, (Yeti Trail+ Mini Yeti), so you can enjoy 2 days of trail and "aventura"!


The Yeti trail spirit is a blend of nature, fair-play, resistance and comradeship.

Yeti Trail ... for real adventurers!

 We speak English. Don't hesitate to write to us if you have questions or you need help: or through facebook




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